What you need

Your technical guide

Follow our practical advice and the steps to follow regarding customs procedures within Morocco and internationally as well as customs clearance procedures.

In this regard, ASFOEX, anxious to meet the needs of its members in their export approach, and more specifically, small and medium-sized enterprises not yet exporting, has had the pleasure of producing this technical guide in order to assist you in achieving success on foreign markets.

We remain at your disposal for any comments and contributions that you may deem useful to see included in the future.

Good prospecting and above all good business!


Consult our practical sheet to understand the legal framework, the clauses to be respected, the information to be filled in and the established rules which govern an international sales contract.

Our practical sheet offers you ways to reduce the most common risks associated with export operations in emerging countries.

Obtain a financial guarantee as part of your activity as an importer or forwarder to optimize your cash flow.

This declaration is intended for the import or export of samples, models, specimen and type sections.

Accreditation guide for electronic certification service providers (PSCE) obtaining the certificate of conformity.

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